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Old Equipment at Location


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So I took off today so I could locate during a weekday. I hit up several places I've been wanting to go and one of them was a barber shop that's across the street from my barber shop. I went in and saw an old Ford gumball machine that vended chiclets at .10 cents. I decided to ask while I was there and waited for the owner. He began to tell me he has no idea who does that machine and that he doesn't get a cut but the machine has been there since the shop opened in the 60's and he took over and just left it there. I said if he let me put mine in there I would give him a percentage. His answer was that it has been there so long and doesn't want to get rid of it. 


I don't know if anyone has run into this but why would you want to keep a machine that makes you no money and looks like it hasn't been cleaned in 50 years?!! I understand it has a nostalgic value but he also has no idea who does it and they clearly don't care what it looks like. 


Also on another note, I am sure you all have run into this. I went to a service center that I have been itching to get, the wife approved of my gumball machine and said let me just go ask my husband real quick and he said no. She proceeded to tell me He's weird and doesn't like to even have displays in the waiting area. It's very frustrating but whatever I guess. 

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