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About to buy my first machines!


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This is what I plan on paying for ASAP, assuming no one gives me any warnings over the next day or so. I plan one buying a new machine every week/other week or so, with this first machine Im going to start with gumballs and hope my location works out.


S-60 - Northwestern Super 60 Candy and Gumball Vending Machine

60 Series Lock Options: Standard Flat Key Lock
Super 60 Front Design: Silver Mylar Overlay Front
60 Series Merchandise Wheel/Housing: 1 Gumballs (850 ct.) & 27mm Superballs
60 Series Machine Colors: Yellow
60 Series Coin Mechanism: .25 Cents Drop-Thru Coin Mech


It does not indicate whether it comes with a stand, Im assuming it doesnt. Any ideas? I can always rig something up, or buy a used one from you guys.

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You will need to buy a stand with a bracket to hold two heads. I suggest looking on Craig's List. I have bought 65% of my equipment off Craig's List.

Northwestern makes excellent machines. They are my favorite brand.

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Yellow NW60's- very nice!


For a stand, your cheap option is to grab something off of CL like dkochan suggested. You can pick up a pipe stand in the neighborhood of $30 in most places- and you can score a standard double plate from eBay if it doesn't come with the stand. If you want something more specific, don't be afraid to ask your NW rep either- I've had great luck with them in the past when I was ordering stuff, and they might be able to get you a good deal on something new.


Good luck!

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