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Plush Bus Crane


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did you do basic 101 find the problem first thing you should always do when working on a crane startup??


i mean manually make all sensors at startup so you can credit up machine, manually hit all switches just like it would at startup when its board is finding its home position.


after you do that and get credit on it you can move joy around and see if motor isn't turning.. A two way motor cant go out of one direction, if it moves to left but not to right its a relay on board, not motor as motor will not go out in one direction as polarity is just reversed to change directions, if relay cant do that because its stuck then thats the problem and its your board.


If you can do the basic 101 at the beginning then you have a bad switch, it would be the one you hit and board didn't recognize.


i love cranes, easiest thing in the world to troubleshoot and 99.99999999999999% of all problems is power supply.

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