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Identify this manual machine


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Can anyone give me info on this machine?  A customer has it where I have a Coke machine.  He wants a snack machine and I suggested I just fill this but am doubtful that it will be reliable.  Also, he doesn't have the keys to it.


Here is what I know about it.  The top and the bottom are separate.  The top does snacks and you turn a dial to manually advance the spirals.  The bottom does sodas and not sure how it vends them but assume it is motorized.   The locks don't appear to be the barrel locks that are on my other machines.


Main questions are:  1. does it use a traditional coin mech, DBA (might be coins only?).  2. should I bother with this or bring my own machine in?


This is a fairly good account but I need reliable.  What I'm thinking is offer to remove for free and then just bring in a small FSI that I have.


PIcture attached.

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1 hour ago, Jackssnacks said:

I have one of these type of machines and nobody wants them, but I got the thing for 5$ so It's still better than nothing

I would argue that it’s worse than nothing. It lets you experience the hassle of snacks without the reward. Also, it costs you in trust. If it’s constantly broken the location might boot you.

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