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Stuck can stop shim


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Welcome to the forum, philJ.  You should be more specific with the model number of your machine, but I'll bet it's a single price, two can deep machine like a DN368 or DN440.  Since they use plastic can shims in the narrow columns they can occasionally get jammed in the rotor.  To remove it you can unplug the machine and then remove the motor cover.  On the jammed column find the brass metal arm that hugs the motor magnet and then press it against the magnet.  This will disengage the motor brake and allow the motor to coast backwards a short distance away from any pressure created by the rotor being jammed.  If it doesn't do that then you'll need to remove the motor from the machine.


To remove the motor you will remove the two wires attached to the motor winding (don't pull the winding spade connectors out of the motor) and the three connections to the motor switches.  Not pull the motor off of the rotor paying attention to the position the rotor is in.  This will free up the rotor to be turned by hand or pulled lose if needed to remove the jammed shim.  When you get the shim out then rotate the rotor to inspect it for straightness.  If it's twisted, even slightly, you'll need to replace is to avoid can jams.


To reinstall the motor is the reverse of the above instructions.  When you reattach the motor switch connectors, match the connectors to the motor as your other motors are wired and make sure that when the connectors are slid onto the switches that you capture the side common terminals of each switch.  If you miss one you'll have an open circuit.


Now, if your shim is metal and is caught in the rotor you will have a T-model machine and the same process should be used to remove it.


You can email me at rbepic4gatgmaildotcom if you need parts for this.

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