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I have the "possibility" of adding a new stop, but I'm not sure if I should take it.


The place is a small (and I mean tiny) auto repair shop on a fairly busy street. It has two bays and about 5 employees total, and a puny little waiting room with 2 smallish couches facing each other- and I've never seen anyone in there.


I was getting the alignment done on my van and I had been talking to the 'manager' there about my vending business (shooting for a single or something bulk) and he mentioned that they "had had a soda machine out front" but they didn't anymore. He showed me the spot right alongside their building, so it's not in the front per se, but it's on the corner of the shop so the side of the machine would be visible to anyone coming in.


My big concern is that the machine would be outside, and with Wisconsin's notoriously frigid winter rolling in in the next few weeks, I can't see that being a boon to cold drink sales. Likewise, in a shop this small, I imagine the former soda guy must have pulled his gear due to volume. The only big "plus" to this one is that it is only about four blocks from my house.


I don't have any equipment on hand that fit's the bill either- I figured I'd start looking to CL and whatnot, but wanted to check with you guys before I waste a bunch of time looking for gear for what might be a dud spot.


What do you guys think? Any insight is appreciated!

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