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I bougt some Vendstars


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Hey Guys,

Well, I am trying to expand my route as cheaply as I can. I bought 10 brand new Vendstars (Still in box) shipping included for $550.00 on ebay. I figure I'm probably not gonna' beat $55.00 a piece for triples so I am going to try out Vendstars. They are the Vendstar 3000 machines. Anyone have any positive input on these machines? I am a little nervous about the plastic coin mechs but like I said I won't beat $55.00 each (shipped to my door.)

10 more machines is the goal I have in mind for next year. I figure this will give me an excellent start towards that goal. (I might have it done in a month or two, I'm a little slow getting machines located.)

I hope this works out. I do feel good about the deal. A single head without a stand costs me almost $55.00 new so I will be getting much more bang for my buck (quarters.)


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David, I personally like them. They are "cheap", but vend quarters as much as anyone else.

If you decide to buy more, check CL...you can get really good deals there. My first batch I got for about $25/ea. I just found some today for $16/ea (50 for $800).

For eBay, I think your deal is pretty good because of the shipping being included.

Another good thing about Vendstars is that they use canisters, so easy to swap product.

Anyway, I'm sure some people will post soon about them being bad, but I like them :)

Good luck


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I bought 10 of these when I started. 8 out of the 10 where brand new. The two that were used were on location for a year and a half. That gives it a total of 2+ years on location with no mech problems.

I don't think you have to worry about the mechs, David. The only yhing that I replaced is one chute door. Do yourself a favor and take one apart. Then try putting the chute door back on. It's a snap once you figure it out.

Good luck with these machines. Hope you start bringing in the quarters soon. :)

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As much as I hate the way they look, as Kevin said, they vend quarters as much as anyone else. I am in the process of picking up 10 myself at $25 each. I'm trying to grab them for $20 though:)

Hey, it don't hurt to try!

Good luck my friend.


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I have 48 vendstar 3000 most have been out for about a year. Very little problems over all. Easy to switch out the canisters and fairly quick to pull. One thing I really don't like is the coin compartment design. The shoot the candy falls is flat on top. Quarters can stack up on top of it, therefore when doing your pull you have to "dig" up under there to flick out any quarters that may have not fallen into the tray. the door chute sucks breaks way too easy. I have one machine in a location that gross is 55/month. For a machine that cost me $38 that is profit baby, plain and simple that is the only reason we do this funny business.

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Rather then trying to dig your finger up to knock the quarters off I have a solution. I have some of these and know the problem all to well. Use the canisters to your advantage. I just lift each canister one at a time to reveal the stack of quarters and knock them off from above into the tray.

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Just thought I'd mention, Vendstars will vend for a penny, so keep an eye out. Any pennies are not fall throughs, if it happens may times put another machine at the location.

     Outlander, I had this happen with my older XYZ triples (no fall through mech).  I had it in a location with repeat users and the word got around quick.  So I pulled the ol' switch-er-roo and now they have a nice green and chrome 1800 that likes quarters, and quarters only  :cool:

     Does Vendstar sell a fall through mechs???

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Don't think they do, but if you have any more probs with it just do like you did and move the VS to another loc, wouldn't sink to much money into venstars, just use them where they work.


No problem, They should hold up under normal use, but not abuse.

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