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product options for a dixie narco dn501e


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Hello everyone, i tried this once but not sure if i did it correct because i can not find it. I am new to this and just purchased a couple machines. The one i have the question on is the dixie narco 501e 9 slot machine. Does this machine take 24 oz bottles? it is set up for cans right now but i would like to switch it over. The 20oz bottles are not easy to get so i do not think i have alot of options. I could use a 16oz bottle but not sure where is a good place to get the shims. Also, what would i need to place gatorade in this machine? Thanks for any help in advance.

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Hi and welcome to the forum.


The setup for any product in a 501E will depend on if it's in a wide or narrrow column. 


For Gatorade in a wide column you'll need one 3/32" short flat shim on each side of the column, use red and grey motor cams set to adjustment hole #3 and then set the rear spacer to hole #15 counting from the front.  This gives you two deep vending. 


Gatorade in a narrow column is a bottle shim on the right side of the column, the brown cams set to hole #5 and the rear spacer again in hold #15.


For 24 oz bottles you will only be able to vend one product deep.  In a wide column you'll need two 3/32" short flat shims on each side with blue and gold motor cams set in hole #1.  The rear spacer will be in hole #1 to start but you may need to experiment with it.


For 24 oz in a narrow column you'll use no shim on the right side of the column and you'll set the brown motor cams to hole #4 with the rear space set in hole #1, again possibly needing to adjust it's depth for proper vending.


You can email me at rbepic4gatgmaildotcom if you need any parts for these setups.

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