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Having looked at your pictures of your modular racks, I have a few questions I was hoping you could answer for me.

1) When you put a machine on top of another machine, how do you secure it. In this picture, I can assume you drill holes in the top of the sticker machine to line up with the holes in the machines above. But in situations where you have a 1" cap machine on top of a 2" cap machine, do you drill holes in the lid of the 2" cap machine, or do you extend the rod up through the 2" cap machine and join it with the rod in the 1" cap machine and use the same lock for both machines?

2) How hard is it to service the machines when you have one on top of the other like that. Don't you have to take off each of the top machines in order to do the servicing of the bottom machines?

3) Do you make the modular stands yourself, or do you contract with somebody else to do them? Are they made of pine or oak or :huh:.

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Im running out the door to play with my vending machines but when i will get back in later  will be glad to answer your questions.

Thanks Simon,  I can't wait!

Just to let you know, you are my newest roll model!  I love your modular idea.  I like it so much that it's prompted me to add a table saw and router to my xmas list.  I was even able to deconstruct your different modules and come up with dimentions and plans for making my own modules.  I hope you don't mind.

I think that going into a place with pictures of these distinctive rack setups, and how well they can fit in to any decor, they would sell themselves.

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I have been doing this biz for over 25 years and when i first started my feeling was the same i was afraid  to to more that 2 or 3 selection but as you spend the time and learn the biz you will find out that you make a lot more money with bigger selection.


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Good to know, I am beating around an idea to do something similar to your setups this summer. I have a few machines at a seafood restaurant, I'm planning on making a lighthouse with vending machines in it. Although, I'm not too talented with wood, so I need to sub it out.

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