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AMS 39640 question


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Ok, last one for today I hope...


I have an older AMS 39640 machine and it works well enough except...


The coils never seem to return to the correct positions. None of them. And it's the only machine I ever had this problem with.


You can make a purchase and the sale seems to go thru fine but there seems to be no rhyme or reason to when and where the motors stop spinning- thus leaving the spirals in all kinds of different positions. Because of this I need to go into the menu and choose 'test motors' each time I service and move the motors back into the correct position. I figure there must be a way to correct this, maybe i have it setup wrong.


If it matters any I have Sensit II sensors. Maybe this has something to do with it? Maybe the motors are stopping as soon as the product passes the sensor instead of returning to their original positions?


Help. Please.

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Sorry just for clarification, what am i looking for on the motors?


So basically with no homing switches my spirals will always be kinda hap hazard like?


I'm sure it's S2s I replaced them a while back...

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