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Why do Businesses do this? (Warning Rant Ahead)


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Just landed a pizza location 1 month ago. Placed a balloon buster and so far the numbers are fine/good. The location was happy with how often I service the location, paid on time, machine looking good so asked me to buy some more (I share this account with another vendor, he does arcade games only). So I ordered a new rack, got a 5' spiral ready, ordered a change machine, and ordered a pirates chest.

Got a call from the location today, and they're shutting the doors. Just wasn't profitable enough. Ughhhh :(. This wasn't a case of manager/owner miscommunication as I only ever spoke to the owner.

Is this common? Such a pain to order things specifically by request of a location and even before they arrive the business is closing. Seems sort of inconsiderate. Is this just business owners being overly optimistic? How can you open a business and not even make it 6 weeks, just seems like poor planning.

Sorry for the rant, but sometimes just feels good to get it out of a person's system ;)

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