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Hello from Eastern NC...


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Hello all !! Been here a few days just hiding in the forums just reading. Man there is tons of info to sink in..

I am thinking about trying my hand in the bulk candy vending. I have been told some things in the past from others that I have read already that must be 100% wrong from what I read already.

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Welcome to the forum.


There are a ton of myths out there about this, or many other subjects. Information is put out by people who failed at it, so blame the industry instead of themselves, and on the opposite side are the ones out to sell something. They make it out to be a magic money fountain. (For only 120 easy payments of...)


The truth is usually in the middle.


The truth is it is a great business, if it fits you. If not it could be a terrible business.


That's why I always tell people to start small, with just a machine or 2, and test the water. From there you can expand. If you like it, keep expanding. If it's not for you, you will know fairly quick, and won't have put too much time and money into it.


Then if it's for you, start moving up the ladder, and learn everything you can.


Good luck.

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Thanks for the info. One question about income.. a lot say average is $7-10 a month per machine. Is that per machine or per item in machine? So average of a single head unit is the same as a double head with 2 different types of candy


It's an oft-quoted statistic from a few years ago, and it's generally believed to be somewhat lower these days. These are referring to "per head", as in what each coin mech is making granted it has average sales in an average location with candy. As the statistic is older than dirt though, I'd adjust it to be $7-10 per stand- so that would be the total gained per stand per month on average. My 2 cents on it anyway.


Welcome to the TVF! A lot of good info here- as well as a LOT of knowledgeable people. Don't be afraid to ask any questions you may have! ^_^

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