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Changing the price on a VE machine


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Press and hold "mode" button on the harness board (if it is an AP machine) or on the back of the display (if it is a NAT machine) for 5 seconds


You should have a sticker inside your machine that came with the kit that shows the legend for the keypad.


Once you hold the mode button, it should say "access code" on the screen.


Scroll to "Set Price" with your "down arrow" key.


Hit your "right arrow" key once.


Now use your "up" or "down" arrow to scroll to "set sel price"


Hit your "right arrow" key once 


Type in your selection, type in price then hit "enter" key


If you only are doing that price keep hitting enter till it says "set sel price" again


If you are all done either hold down door switch for a couple seconds and release or push your "left arrow" button until the screen says select


If you need to price a tray go to "set tray price" instead of "set sel price" and follow the same directions. Type in tray letter or number, then price, then enter and it will automatically go to next tray.


Follow along with the programming guide and trust me it will make sense

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