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Coin Op Scales


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I just saw THIS ad on CL, and was intrigued. It really doesn't fit my route as it currently stands, and at that price I suspect something is likely amiss, but I thought I'd ask (or at least alert anyone in the Northern Wisconsin/Minnesota/UP area) about this one.


Any money left in scales in general?


Are these units any good?




Any info is greatly appreciated, thanks everyone!

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I bought 2 of these probably from the same person selling them now they are battery operated, digital readout, it even talks if you want it to. I had to do alot of cleaning and battery pack repair because they sat outside. It is a great little machine no maintenance other than change batteries, there is a push button programer to set time, a message, and zero out scale. It is a tough little machine, works great, and brings in about $20 a month. No I do NOT have it in a bathroom I have it sitting right next to my snack machine.

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