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Christmas presents


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For my top locations (the big earners, or locs I'm on real good terms with) I give a card to the owner or person who let me in (depending on the account and situation) with a gift card enclosed. Usually gas or something like that. More as a "thanks" for letting me in and keeping me in through the year. I figure it's a pretty inexpensive gesture to my best locs, and buys me a little more favor with the loc against some other ops like Service that have stepped up their locating operations on the Interstate corridor in recent months.


The only other thing I do is at a family-run ethnic grocery store, and I usually bring in some packaged candy for the owner's wife and oldest daughter who run the place most of the time when I'm there. A nice-looking bag of those Lindor truffles is like $5, and they love it that around the holidays.


Just a couple things I do. Always feels good to give a little bit back when and where you can.

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