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Mint boxes-mixed emotions


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I recently got 50 pink boxes from Sheridan. Margaret seems very professional and friendly. I have been in bulk for about a year and I see a decline in that business for many reasons. Chocolate prices are going crazy is one of the main problems. I bought 8 selection uturns and that was a mistake for various reasons. Not many locations are busy enough to keep that much candy fresh and profitable.

The honor boxes make money, but I have run into some strange circumstances. People refuse them for reasons that do not seem to add up. If you do not want it at your business, just be honest and state that. I do not have a problem with that. I have had several locations deny them or give me a dishonest reason. I question them to not necessarily change their mind, but to get insight on what improvements I can make. The answers just make things more unclear. I do not think I am the only this happens to. On a positive note they do make money. I have had success with mini candy bars and blow pops. These seem to do better than mints.

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