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Touching up snack machine


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All of my "rough" machines were repainted with Rustoleum "Hammered" finish paint to hide all their various blemishes. It's tough, but when it inevitably gets scratched up, I use a Testors Enamel Paint marker (HERE) to touch them up. You can pick them up at most craft and hobby shops locally too. They come in a bunch of colors, the two I use the most are the gloss black and flat black- depending on how the light catches it on the textured finish. The paint has a bit of an odor, but it dessipates quick, and dries fast, so if you tocuh up a few spots, then service the machine, they'll be long dry by the time you're done servicing. For most machines with a lot of black on them, or even the wood grain, I think a few small, exact "marks" of flat black would be overlooked by customers and the location alike, but that depends on your equipment and the loc in question. Good luck!

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