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Comparison of Dixie-Narco and Vendo display messages


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I have wondered about this, and there seems to be a big difference between the default messages on the alphanumeric displays on D-N vs. Vendo machines.  This trend started with the Pepsi HVVs and continued with glassfronts.  Usually, D-N's messages seem to be short and simple, while Vendo's messages tend to be long and verbose.  I wonder why the difference.


For example, for the default programming on the Pepsi HVVs, a D-N HVV says "Sold Out", while a Vendo HVV says "Sorry That Selection is Not Available".  I haven't seen a Royal HVV in person before, so I am not sure what they say.  In addition, on the glassfronts, display on the D-N BevMax 2/3/4 is a single row full matrix display, while the Vendo Vue display is a dual row fixed character display (probably to accommodate Vendo's more verbose messages).


I wonder why D-N prefers short simple messages while Vendo prefers long verbose messages?  Of course, I know Coke usually likes to put in custom programming for the displays on its machines, while Pepsi usually uses the default programming.

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