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Royal vendor 650-10


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I have a royal vendor 650-10 that I have at a car lot, I have energy drinks in there at 1.85.

I don't if I mess up the setting or if it's not setup right, or if it can take two dollars at once, but it won't take two dollars at a time to buy the energy drinks, they have to put a dollar in then .80 in change to buy energy drinks, is there a setting to change this :huh:

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In space to sales or sts on display, I always clear the setup in machine, then proceed to arrange columns like I want.


I also use a blank sheet of paper showing which columns I linked together. 


Always save what you entered or you will not have it setup properly!




selection 1- 1&7

selection 2- 2&8

selection 3- 3


and so forth, after that I go back into price using my selection chart and set prices in machine.


Once you have prices set in machine and saved, then recheck machine prices by pressing selection button for product being sold.


If you entered $1.25 or more for any selection it should take two one dollar bills. 



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Yes I have the column in space to sells set as

Selection 1 front 1&2 columns

Selection 2 font 3&4 columns

Selection 9 is where I gave the energy drinks at 1.85 but the machine will only take one dollar and .85 cents it won't take two bills, for some reason,

I thought I might have a wrong setting selected somewhere, and was wondering if anybody else every came across this

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I think this is caused by having a configuration setting wrong.  Go into the CON program mode and check C10 to see what it's set to.  If it's set on 0 then that has diabled bill escrow, meaning that all bills will be stacked.  If it's set on 1 then bill escrow is enabled which should stack only the last bill inserted that exceeds the highest available vend price.  You may need to play with this setting to see if either has the desired effect for you.  You also want C7 on 1 so that bills won't be accepted unless there is sufficient change and set C8 to 1 if you don't want people to put a bill in just to press the coin return and get change back.  In this case the machine will just spit the bill back out to the customer.

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You should try removing the coin mech (with power off) and emptying it of all coins.  Put the mech back in and power it up.  Now go into your Tube Fill program and while in that mode you need to drop every coin into the top of the coin mech so the machine can count the physical coins.  MDB machines use coin counts, not the tube sensors, to determine if correct change is available and thus enable or disable the validator.  If you physical coin counts in the memory are too low it could disable a second bill.

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I'm having a similar issue regarding stacking bills in a Royal 650.  Currently, the machine will accept the first bill but not the second bill.  I tried various configuration settings but the only setting that would allow for a second bill was option c6 enabled (1).  Doing so allowed acceptance of the second bill.  Disabling this causes the machine to only accept the first bill.  I'm wondering whether there is a communication problem between the coin mech and the board or there is a problem with the board itself.  Here are a few things I have noticed:

Note: c6 is the cheat enable/disable option.

- The machine will show "exact change only" ONLY when there actually is not enough change in the coin mech.  Once the minimum number of coins is met, the light goes out.

-Tube Fill mode will allow me to count coins, but the machine goes back to sales mode abruptly once I get to about 85% full in quarter, nickel, and dime tubes.  I cannot fill the mech all the way before the machine goes back to sales mode on its own.  It happened 3 or 4 times in a row before I tried to exit tube fill mode BEFORE it exited abruptly.  Even then, I cannot stack the first bill to allow for a second bill.

-When C6 is off, the machine will take a $1 bill and hold it in escrow, regardless of the other configuration settings.  When c6 is on, the machine will stack the first bill and escrow the second bill (highest price $1.45).

-With c6 disabled, the machine acts as though it is on force vend with a $5 bill.  I cannot get change back once it is inserted and I MUST make a purchase but I get all of my change back properly.  However, I have the other settings disabled.

-The Mars VN 2502 LED light is always SOLID until a bill is in escrow.  It does NOT flash.

I'm leaning toward the board being faulty but I am going to try to swap out coin mechs when I get the chance.  I just don't know what kind of a programming error would allow for the machine to act as though it is low on change despite all other settings being correct.  Originally, I think c6 was set to 1 while 7, 8, 9, and 10 were set to 0 but I could be wrong on those.  I only messed with c6 because I had a suspicion that the machine was not counting coins properly.  I'm also wondering if power surges are causing my issues.  I could NOT finish a tube fill without the machine going back to sales mode on its own unless I stopped 50% full.  I even tried to make several purchases using coins only in hopes that the machine would register sufficient change and allow for a second bill but it would not.  Shouldn't the machine stay in tube fill mode until I am done?

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