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Others screwed by Phillip Vernon

black panther

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Looking for anybody else that has been screwed over by Phillip Vernon.  Starting a case with the attorney generals office and would include names and any info with such case.  Can also have them contact you when investigating his fraudulent ways.

For those that have ever come in contact or if even think about using him in the future....RUN...RUN FAR AWAY from this SCAMMER!!!  He is very unprofessional, unethical, disrespectful, inconsiderate and has no customer service skills.    Will gladly take your money but not do the job, return calls, or refund your money.

I do have to admit my wrongs and say to mbvending that he was right and should have followed his lead and stayed away.  Glad you got your refund as I am fighting to see anything back.


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I can just try to image how you feel because it has never happened to me. That's a lot of money. If you are working on getting this fixed and are in contact with the Attorney Generals office, you should follow the steps that they give you, for finding more people that have lost money by this person. I don't think, and tell me if I am wrong, that putting it on the forums as a post called: 'Others screwed by Phillip Vernon', is the best way to plead your case. I know you want your money back but be careful how you go about building support from others. I just don't want to see you get hurt any more than you have been already.

PM me when you can so we can talk.



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  • 6 months later...

This is Phillip Vernon

i am writing in response to black panther (troy wagner)

troy wagner was the one who defaulted the contract.

if you want to read my response to his lies,

go to the thread he started.

this is where i have placed my responce to his slander

if you have further questions,

my email address is vernon71@gmial.com

i will be happy to answer any question you may have

troy did complain to the consumer services,

when i explained to consumer services what happened...they dropped the case.

troy is the thief

he continues to spread lies about me.

in my responce to troys lies,

i gave my email address

i also wrote in my responce:

if anyone has a problem with me or my services

my email address is Vernon71@gmail.com

nobody has contacted me.


i will write this again:

if anyone has a problem with me or my services

my email address is Vernon71@gmail.com

i will do all i can to make it right


Phillip Vernon

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Consumer services does not handle this.  They said it was a civil suit.  Wasn't that they dropped it they never started it or accepted it because it wasn't in there domain.

I would start a civil suit if I thought I would be able to collect from Phillip but when he is a fly by night con-artist I would lose for winning.  Meaning I would easily win my case but in the process I had paid more to take it to court and be out more money.  There is no doubt I would win a case.  I have way more evidence and documentation needed plus witnesses to his lies and my attempts to place when he was never around or would never answer his phone.

I had to stop the damage from this FRAUD and instead have warned others so that they do not have to go thru the same horrible experience and be out hard earned money or have file bankruptcy like I had to because of an unethical locator like Phillip.  there are far great people to deal with, far more honest and have much greater reviews and satisfied customers plus others places/people honor there contract/agreement and when they mess up or have other issues they make things right by finding free locations, refunding the money or someother means.

As can be seen on the other thread Phillip has shown he avoids questions and only places his email address because he is afraid of stating here in front of everyone his lies.  He likes to hide like that.

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Seems another one out of the woodwork.  Sign up today and post about Phillip.....SUSPECT!!!

Let me ask you....how many did Phillip locate for you???  Apparently he could not handle my route and the contract he signed with me.  That might be the problem and Phillip has never been man enough because he has no balls to admit he couldn't do the job.  What averages are you getting from those specific locations?  How many had to be replaced??  He tends to fabricate numbers all the time to people.  What documentation do you have?

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Just an update for everyone....Phillip stated consumer services dropped the case but I addressed that one already.  Below is a response I just got back today from BBB regarding my complaint against Phillip.  Notice they state he did not do all that could be done to resolve this complaint yet Phillip always said he would do all he could to make things right.  The BBB agrees that he does NOT.  Just as I have been saying.

I also, see he hasn't shown up lately or none of his supposed supports have not been around or answered questions people posed to them.  Typical Phillip behavior and doesn't surprise me with this "supporters".

Anyway, here is the BBB reply:

Complaint ID#: 91083815

Business Name: Vernon Vending Services

You have indicated from your Customer Response that you were not satisfied with the Company Answer in your complaint case. Because of this, we have conducted a case review which includes all of the available documentation contained within the Original Complaint, the Company Answer and the Customer Response.

Based on this review, we have determined that the company did not do all that it could have been reasonably been expected or been responsible to do to resolve the issue. This case is being closed and will be reflected in our files as Unresolved.

If you wish to pursue the matter further, you have several options.

1. You may be able to sue in the county Justice of the Peace courts, commonly referred to as Small Claims court. You will need to determine the county in which the company is located and call the county seat for more information. Or, check one of the online search engines to see if your county has a web site, which may provide helpful information on how to file a suit.

2. You may consider hiring an attorney to assist you. If you do not have an attorney, you may call the Dallas Bar Association Referral Service at xxx-xxx-xxxx for assistance.

3. If the company requires a state license from a state agency, you may be able to file a complaint with that agency. If you do not know if a business requires a license, you can access the State of Texas web site State Agency link at http:///www2.tsl.state.tx.us/trail/agencies.jsp to inquire.


Lee Stallings

Director of Complaint Resolution Department

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