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Route pro brand??


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Im thinking about buying some located route pro brand bulk machines. Does anyone have these or know anything about them? The owner said that he does not intend on including the locks, im not sure why. He is selling the located machines for 80$ each, good price??


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     I would say there are better deals out there.  I believe the route pros are just like the XYZ triples if I am not mistaken (except they have a square base).  Also, if you have to replace locks that's about an additional $3-4 per machine.  I would hold off and keep looking unless he will go closer to $50 per machine.  Keep in mind that in the end you are really only paying for the machine because the location could be lost at any time.  Is the route commission or charity?

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     I have not used the route pro machines so I do not want to give you any false info.  Here are a few links with some info on the machines new.  From what I can tell they do not have fall through coin mechs wich can give you major headaches, but one nice feature are the doors on the back for emptying product.  However, if it where me I think I would pass.



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