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Fastcorp F631 IC machine dilemma


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I'm running out of original Topic Titles for questions/problems about this model machine....


So, I've got this one almost working perfectly EXCEPT...


When the robot grabs the ice cream bar and goes to deliver it up front to the chute it seems to stop a little short of where it should...

Often times the product then bounces off the front of the freezer and ends up in the chute but sometimes it makes a perfect landing right on the front lip of the freezer and just sits there. Then the freezer door shuts on it and causes the 'freezer door stuck open' error. Then the ice cream melts, turns to sugar glue and creates the 'freezer door stuck closed' problem.


So, I noticed the robot was not perfectly aligned on both sides, probably from the last time I repaired it. I removed the robot and carefully re-installed making sure the wheels and gears on both sides were lined up straight on both sides and tested again. Same result. The robot doesn't seem to come far enough forward to deliver the product to the chute. There's nothing stopping it, as I can manually press the motor button and move the robot forward until it hits the screws that stop it from falling out.


I tried the manual but can't find anything that addresses the robot stopping short before releasing the product.


Anyone run into this before?


Attached is an example of what I find everytime I service the account... very frustrating indeed


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The front back gear? Are u referring to the teeth that run alongside both sides of the machine or the wheel sprocket cog looking things on both sides of the robot? Or something else?


The picker head is black and kinda looks like a rubber shroud kinda like an accordion.

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