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Hi guys,


I went to fill some machines this evening and when I was pulling the dollars out I realized that someone had lost their tape dollar while trying to rip me off.  It didn't work for them but it somehow messed up my dollar bill acceptor.  I tried to put a bill in but it wouldn't pull the bill in.  The motor sounded weak.  


Any suggestions on what needs to be fixed?  Could it just need a new battery perhap?


All help appreciated.





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There aren't any batteries in bill validators. What they were trying to do was get the validator to set a credit and then pull the bill back out. If they tried this multiple times they could have worn out the motor with all the stress that pulling a bill against the motor would produce. It will now need to be rebuilt. You can email me at rbepic4gatgmaildotcom to get an exchange unit sent out.

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