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Be Thankful


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I figured I would post this here since bulk is where I’m most active. With the holidays fast approaching, I think it’s important to stop for a minute and realize how fortunate we all are. Sometimes, people are so consumed with their daily activities they forgot how much they have to be thankful for. I have been guilty of this myself and it’s something I‘m working on changing in my life.


A thankful/grateful person is a more fulfilled person (not to mention less stressedJ).


The last few weeks have been VERY hectic for me and my wife. Between work life, home life and Christmas, it’s enough to make anyone crazy! As my wife and I sat in our “room†(sacred meeting spotJ) and talked about how the world has it in for us, we stopped for a moment and started looking around. We then realized how foolish we sounded! We have SO much in our lives and yet we were concentrating on what we felt WASN’T working! Crazy, I knowJ  



So, next time you’re out servicing your route(J) and things are not going as well as they could/should be, just think about how lucky you are to be doing what you’re doing (and for everything you have in you’re life).


I hope everyone has a terrific holiday!




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Sounds like you have your New Year's resolution all picked out. I think it is just human nature or at least North American nature to forget from time to time. Finding the negative just seems to come easy for most people I think. In this economy be thankful that most of us have a full time job that vending supplements. Our company is cutting back on benifits and only about 100 or so will be layed off.

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Thanks for the beautiful post. It is easy to get complacent about our place in the world, taking running water, sanitation, shelter and good food readily available for granted, when a huge part of the world lacks this.

We're fortunate also to be doing something we enjoy, whether full or part-time, and to be able to share our experiences with this community.

You're right, counting your blessings changes the focus, allowing us to see the good in our lives that we sometimes overlook.

Thanks for the reminder. :)


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