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Well a little more than a week to go until the new year.  I would love to hear some vending goals you're going to set for 2009.  Here are mine:

1 - average 3 to 4 new locations a month.

2 - purchase and place 5 or 6 sticker machines.

3 - upgrade current locations to have some 50 cents

4 - purchase at least one combo machine.

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25 Locations

50 Heads

400$/ month net income by december

The breakdown for the start of the year is 1 machine located by January 1st, and 3 more machines located by February 1st.

Today I located the first machine (Still need to pick it up, we had swung by the autoshop to get our snow tires put on and I dropped off some cookies to thank them for their hard work (we get alot of small freebies done there), and asked how they liked their current vendor. They asked if I was in the business and when I said I was and would like to put a machine there they offered me a spot.

No commission. No charity.

On the 28th I'll pick up my 4 double heads, and I'm planning to drop off their machine on the 29th.

In another thread I'll go into asking about how to go to war :). I'm facing an 8 head uturn machine (no charity stickers on it, IDK if it's commission) and a charity double head with cracked PPMs and skittles.

I'm very limited in start up funds, so I have only two products to vend. Ford gumballs and PMM.

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This is a great post topic. Thanks.

Since I know 2009 is going to be a very tough year it's a great idea to have some plans in place. Here are mine.

1. Keep the accounts I have now. Hopefully not lose any due to the economy.

2. Add equipment to my existing accounts.

3. Trade-up to 75 cent from 50 cents.

4. Add more redemption machines to the route.

5. Start focusing on the full-line side of my business.


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Here are all my goals for 2009

1. Locate my last 2 machines.

2. Sell our house.

3. Sell my route.

4. Move to Fort Worth, Tx.

5. Start a new route in Texas.

6. Become one with the universe.

It's good that you said that you were moving to Fort Worth rather than Houston.  Otherwise we would be having words.  I don't need no more competition here in Houston.

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1) Pull in dog gumball locations and upgrade good locations with doubles.

2) upgrage great locations with racks

3) Increase my vending income to $1000 a month net by December 2009

4) Finish my Virtual Vendor online game.

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Diversify in 2009.  I have all charity locations right now. ( 63 )  And they are all candy, gum, or nuts.

1.  Commission locations

2.  Racks

3.  Shootin' Hoops

4.  Toys

I really want to get to 200 locations but will not be able to unless I have a locator work for me in person here.  We will see.

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2009 Goals.....love the topic. I need to consolidate what I have. Currently from the grassroots efforts here in my area I have 15 accounts with 30 heads. From the newly purchased route another 48 accounts with approx 90 heads. I have 1 full line snack just placed and would love to get the beaver tower out.......

   1. Place beaver tower( install rf chip to remote monitor)

   2. completely consolidate NY and refurbish old equip.

   3. Acquire capsule machines to fab my own racks.

   4. Want to average 2 placements per month....(preferably racks)

   5. Get a handle on cash flow and bring down COGs

   6. Purchase another route and further expand into PA

   7. Stay active around this place......this is one great place. How else could you go from knowing practically nothing about bulk vending to having a legit small business.

.......In two months!

   8. Talk to Kyle more He seems to be a seriously smart competitor.....and I am in need of some edumacatin!

   9.  Have fun! This is a pretty cool business.

  Happy holidays to everyone and I wish you all the best in the New Year!                                         

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Great annual thread!

I think this is also a great time to look back at the "2008 goals" thread that Gary started last year. It is very interesting to take a look back at it and see what you guys were able to accomplish and where we fell short.

Good luck to all on your goals for 2009!

Here was the 2008 goals thread. ==> http://www.vendiscuss.com/forums/view_topic.php?id=774&forum_id=1&highlight=2008+goals


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You have done all the work you need to get started. Yes the time has come for you to get started. Let's make a goal for you to have your first machine placed by February 1 2009. I have contacted the powers to be in the universe, they said to get off the pot and start this business. I you have one last question for them to answer just ask it now because your time has come.

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Just to get started. I swear I have an extreme case of analysis paralysis.

Im with Ebonie on this one I have come VERY close a couple of times with getting machines. My goals are:


2. Secure a least 4-5 GOOD locations by my birthday in April

3. Expand enough to replace my part-time job

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Yea, people need to get started on a small scale and stop over analyzing this stuff. Here is what I would do to get started:

Do NOT get used equipment or biz-op stuff to start with. You can experiment with that stuff later on after you have some more experience. Get reliable, proven, clean and shiny equipment.

Order 3 double heads (either NW 60's or Oaks) with 3 double plates and 3 stands. Get one candy wheel and one gumball wheel per set. You can get the NW's at Sam's website or order them direct at NW. In fact, ask NW if they have any scratch and dent available - they are cheaper and really has very small blemishes that no one will notice.  Check out both web sites for Oak and NW and then make a decision as to which one you like better.

Get candy from Sams or Cosco. Get Gumballs from Quill.com - NOT Sams.

Call Midwest to setup 3 locations for you.

Setup your charity for 3 locations and place the labels INSIDE the machine.

Print up 3 service cards with your contact phone number to place INSIDE the machine. Do NOT hand write your phone number as it will fade in the sun. Do not place labels outside the machine since people will tear, write and pick at them.

Have some brochures available for your charity when you place the machines. Print some candy display labels provided on this site. Fill the machines just half way to start.

Visit the locations after 3 weeks have past. Do NOT check on the locations every other day! I know the temptation is there, but you may disturb the location and they may question your professionalism and think you are just strange. After that, place them on a 6 or 8 week service cycle.

After a few service cycles, determine if you wish to keep doing this or sell your equipment.

You should be able to get started with 3 locations from Midwest with quality equipment for about $800. If you can't risk $800, then you really should not be in any business.

The beauty of the vending business is that you can take it for a test ride before sinking any serious cash into it. There is no reason to start big and take a big risk for no good reason (see the article on the 700 U-turn route in T-Bird's blog). Start small and evaluate your progress and interest in this business.

So get off the pot and get started with just 3 locations - the new year is almost here. G.W. Bush will be gone soon - that alone should get you motivated!


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That is a sound plan laid out by Jax for those on the fence. If you are not 100% sure that you will stick with it then I would skip the new machine part and look for a few double or triple on Craigslist then to minimize your start up. In fact I would try to get a single, double and triple. That would give you a good mix of locations to start out with. You can then see how these different type locations develop over time. If that single does great then get a double plate and upgrade it. If that double does great then get a triple in there. If the triple does poor then downgrade it.

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This post is a great read.

For my first year I just wanted to get my 38 machines out there are figure this business out. I learned a bunch by experience a lot of which one could learn faster from this site. At the end of the year I have 69 bulk machines and 2 full line with 66 machines on locations. I find my average/month on the bulk waaay tooo low. My business is in the red due to buying 71 machines within the first year.

2009 Goals.

Look for a 30-40 bulk machine route to buy.

Move 6-8 dog locations per month (under $10.00)

Work on local "corporate" accounts

Considering hiring someone I know to run the route

Pay back myself on the whole deficit.

Bring up monthly profit to $1000/month

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