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Vroom Foods.

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I am posting this because I posted some incorrect information a few weeks ago on Vendiscuss about Vroom Foods, the makers of Buzz Bites.  

Vroom Foods is still in business, and is selling Buzz Bites. They ended their relationship with Mad Dog Energy in Sept. of this year. Mad Dog is now operating under LiveWire Energy, and is still scamming. Mad Dog sold the "Buzz Bites" machines we all know about.

Vroom Foods is a good company, nothing like Mad Dog was. Thought I would clear that up.


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LiveWire Energy has nothing to do with Mad Dog and never has.  LiveWire Energy is the premier energy chew company with the best product and the best marketing behind it.  Check it out for yourselves.  Contact Tony at LiveWire Distribution if you have questions. Also check out their online store at www.livewireenergychews.com

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