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I picked up 12 Seaga triplevends last night and will be picking up 8 more this evening. 16 of them are in great condition and 2 are for parts, grand total for all 20 is $320.00. That comes out to $16 a machine (if you count the 2 for parts), I read some mixed reviews in the equipment review section but @ 16 per it seemed like a great deal. The machines seem like good machines, not great machines but good. The metal body was thinner steel than I anticipated. I actually thought they were plastic when I first touched them.

The guy selling them to me had a route a long time ago. When he lost a location he never bothered to re-locate machines. After a while he had all 20 sitting in his garage. I guess this goes to show that we always need to be locating, whether it be new machines or old ones that lost their homes. He was a nice guy and knew he was giving me a good deal, he just wanted them out of his garage.

Now comes the fun part; get them all on location. I know I was bashing locators before but I might use a locator for 5 or 10 machines. I really don't want 20 triples sitting in my dining room for too long. I will keep the board posted on how the machines hold up.

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You are a good 1:45 south of me so don't worry about competition. I just do it part time for extra hobby money. I am usually on my way home from work by 10 am so it seemed like a good fit for me. I started with $800 and have spent about $1800 so it seems to be working out. I now have 3 RC planes, one regular and one computer radio for them. I am going to get either a jet or helicopter next. I have the money for it right now but I am waiting for after the holiday's to get over with.

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