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A nice deal to close out 2008


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Ok, I went to pick up a rack I won on Ebay this morning.


I really needed a couple of larger .50 NW machines to complete another rack I will be placing (next week), so this looked like a great deal. I was pleasently surprised when I picked up the rack!! The auction clearly states that the two bottom (middle) are damaged (which is clearly visible in the pic) and the two side machines are "pushed in". There was absolutely nothing wrong with the two outside machines! 

So far....so good. The auction also says, "No keys". I whip out my handy dandy key chain and wallah, I'm able to open everything! Great!! Two of the large machines have product (one filled to the top, the other more then half way). The bottom machine is also filled (to the top) with toy rings.

Now, HERE is the best part. I open the machines to see if there is some "loot".  Keep in mind, I paid $51 for the rack. I open the top machines and I find .75 in one and .50 in another. I open one on the bottom left and there is .25. I didn't hear any change and assumed there would be nothing. When I opened up the last one on the bottom......JACKPOT!!!!! Nice amount of quarters for me to count. I then counted and wound up with a total of $51.25!!!!!

So, besides spending my time to pick up (and some gas,which was minimal), I wound up getting this setup practically free. I had to share with my friends.

Speaking of friends, I want to wish all my new-found friends (and their families) a happy, healthy and successful New Year!!



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You are welcome. Good thing that Beer980 guy posted the deal in the Ebay section.

If there was a reason to thank you, I would have. I was watching a few days before you even posted it.

But If it makes you feel better, thank you.

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