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Hey everyone, It's been a while since my last post. And have a question, when cleaning the machines what cleaning products are the best and do you clean inside and out. Im wondering because couldn't you get someone sick from the cleaning product you used?



GO STEELERS!!! :dude:


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Big Will


I clean the machine inside and out before locating it. Like Blue Plate, I use a dish detergent and dry it real good. If there is any sticky residue from a label or candy on the globe, I use Goo Gone and then wash it again.Goo Gone not harmful if consumed. I put a dab of vasaline on the coin mech to lubricate it. After the machine is reassembled, I use Pledge to make the machine shine. It also makes the globe look newer. Don't use Pledge on the inside though.

Cleaning it on location, I use Clorox wipes. Then wipe it off with a clean dry rag. I also give it a shot of Pledge if the machine is starting to look dull.

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A few of my places will set coffee cups and coke bottles on the machine, leaving a ring. I tried plain water but it doesn't get it off if it stains. Clorox wipes does the trick. Plus it's a bacterial sanitizer. ;)

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Simple Green is AWESOME! It will clean just about anything and like Jax said it's biodegradable. I use it to clean up any messes when I do oil changes with my mobile car care business. I also remember someone saying they used a super diluted bleach solution to clean their machines, it was something like 20 parts water to one part bleach. The wipes probably take the place of that and they're slightly scented, if that matters at all to you.

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Simple green can be diluted at a 50/50 ratio with water. I can't tell a difference in effectiveness.

Cleaning used Northwesterns-

Disassemble, place all locks in a small box so you don't lose them.

The stand and base, body (part with mylar) and the front of the coin mech are all cleaned with Simple Green.

White lithium grease (or Vasoline) is applied very sparingly to rotating parts on the coin mech. Run a few quarters through and make sure everything is operating properly.

Everything else goes in the dishwasher. When you pull the globes out, dry immediately with a soft clean towel.

Once the globe is clean, Novus 3 will polish out SOME imperfections, most notably paint that has rubbed on from transportation.

Reapply red index marks on wheels with a red Marksalot.

Reassemble with correct portion size and replace decals.

Loaded properly my dishwasher holds 4 Northwesterns at a time.

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On new or used machines, carnauba wax (when applied and buffed) makes the paint job on the vending machines look outstanding. Carnauba is typically used to polish cars, but it does the job on vending machines too. It is expensive, however.


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