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New to biz in Houston


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A month ago I decided to count a box of quarters I have had for a couple of years in my closet. I had over $700 in that box. I spent that money on gambling on a trip to Vegas with my wife. When I came back, I thought it would be nice to have a steady source of quarters come in every month as an additional small source of income. So I started looking into various coin-based businesses. I decided to go with bulk vending because of the low cost of entry and the lower risk. If it doesn't work out, then I wouldn't lose a bunch of money like in a car wash or laundromat, etc.

So far, I have 12 machines right now - 10 on location and 2 to be placed this Friday. I would like to have about 50 machines total by next summer. I'm glad I found this forum. Lots of helpful information.

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