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Hi everyone,

I am thinking of getting into bulk vending.  I am a Stay at home mom that would like to bring in some extra $$$. I thought maybe this would be a way. I stumbled upon this site while trying to do some homework.  Looks like I will be here a lot. I have seen the type of machines out there but where in the heck do you find the candy to fill them? Sam's only sell certain candies. Online sites are expensive. So where would I go? Any help much appreciated.

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No problem. Look at the box of 850 gumballs on the shelf. On the back and one side there are pictures with product numbers. Write them down and take it to the customer service desk. They can look up the price and order it right there for you. Just be sure and do it before Friday mornings because they send in the PO#'s to have all the orders pulled for Monday from Oak/TJ King. They pick it up there and distribute to all the DC's. So it can take up to two weeks to get the order but you will save all the shipping for being patient.

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