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MyPOTD abuse


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I have noticed some MyPOTD "horseplay" recently and I know I'm not the only one to notice this. There have been some posts that have been voted on for POTD that clearly did not deserve to be.

The POTD system was put in place to not only recognize members for thoughtful and informative posts, but also to make it easier to find those posts. If the system is clogged with insignificant posts that people have voted on simply to "test the system" or to be funny, then the value of the system is lost.

Although this behavior has not yet disrupted the integrity of the system, I want to let all of you know that I am going to take steps to limit this behavior now. We are working on an upgrade to the MyPOTD system that will, among other things, allow me to see the source of the votes and allow me to "un-do" a POTD.

Here are some other features we are working on that will be beneficial to you...

  • A time limit on how long a post is a candidate to receive votes
  • Let members undo their votes for a limited time that day
  • Once a post wins a POTD award, it can no longer be voted upon again
  • Let members know how many votes they have left for that day
Please do not abuse the POTD system. If this continues, I will have to disable the system until the upgrade.


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