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Sell "on location" or not?


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I'm getting out of the bulk vending business and need some advice about selling my machines. Should I sell them and include the locations, or collect them, clean them and then sell them either individually or as a group. I only have 4 still located, the rest are in storage. My equipment is listed below. I just don't know the best way to sell them.

5 -  Dentyne Ice/Certs Machines,  (1 in a coffee shop, 2 in bars, 1  in storage, 1 NEW in box)

3 - TriVends (Gumball Machine Warehouse),  (1 in a auto repair shop, 2 in storage)

3 - Double ,Pepermint Patty and Chicklet, ( 3 in storage)

1 - Double Head Seaga (in storage)

Let me know what you think I should do.


Denver, CO

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Well we hate to see you go but you have made your decision. I would at least try Craigslist first. Go for the four on location with the 8 in storage as a package. If the numbers are ok on the located maybe sell them seperate if you get no bites on the whole package. "For sale candy route. Four on location and eight waiting to be placed. Locations do $?? a month." "For sale four machines on location doing $?? a month average." "For sale 8 candy machines $:huh:." Put a link to this forum to piont them here for help after the sale.

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I would sell on location, in general I think locations do add value. As far as CL goes, I think that is the fastest way out. BUT I think you could get a little more in the newspapers. The reason being is, I think "vending pros" tend to haunt Craigslist. In a newspaper you might get someone who does not know about the business and has a hard time putting a good value on a route (not that you want to rip them off).

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