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I had Friday off and thought I should try and locate one of my machines. I walked in, gave my spiel to the owner. He ask "what is it going to cost me", when I said nothing he said ok and showed me where to place it. VERY EXCITING:D When I went to deliver it he was not there, so I placed it where he wanted it. One of his employees didn't like it and had me move it. WOW this was great, but I struck out at the next 6 places I spoke with. 


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Awesome fun isn't it. I remember getting my buzz bite machines in and realizing oh man I have to get these all located what was i thinking? And then i walked into a paintball place and they said awesome lets do it and then pumped 5 bucks in while i was setting it up. i left them about 5 dollars more worth. what a rush it was. I was skipping out of there. locating is a blast.

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