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Ever wondered why you couldn't place your machines in a big box store, but yet they have a rack or two out front ? East coast vendors from NC to ME-meet your competition. They are a big company called Vend-O-Matic. All other vendors might want to check out who they are up against.Here is the link to check them out:


Or maybe it's because they are paying the store a 35%+ Commission and you are offering to pay $1/month to a charity?
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I spoke with a vendomatic guy the other day.  They are independent contractors who service the machines and buy the product.  They give Vendomatic a % of the sales for the location and the machines.  They have contracts in place for many big box stores and have purchased a quite a few of the big Folz locations.  Not sure how Vendomatic keeps them honest, but I would imagine they have an EZ-count type thing going on.

The guy I spoke with owns his own charity route too.....


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