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bought some locations


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Got a great deal. The guy had 6 locations but he sold 3 the same damn day!

All machines are usi and 1 to 5 years old. Led lighting, cc readers etc. No comission.

Location 1

Cb500 and 5 wide cc readers on both 6 microwaves and a huge ice machine

Gross $1300 a month


Location 2

2 usi cb500s, 2 usi 5 wides, 6 microwaves, a new frozen food usi black diamond style not in location and an extra cb500 with bad compressor all w card readers

gross $2400 a month


He has one left with 2 year old black diamond series cofee, frozen, snack,cb500,cb700 ,college he wants 10k for gross is 1500 a month. I just dont do frozen or cofee.

The other 2 acts he sold were the same as location 1 grossing 1000 to 1500 for 4600 and newer machines. These places are big acts the ones i got one has 280 employees and m thru sunday 6am to 10pm. And the other has 120 employees m f 7am to 5pm. Gotta keep ur eyes peeled!

He left all escrow on those cashflow tubes, and inventory.calling usa tech to swap the readers to my name. He charges 10c more for cc charges

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