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O.K. First two machines ready to be serviced for teh first time....

I placed them both in early December. I did not love either location but was glad to place them somewhere. These are both northwestern doubles.

Metro PCS (cell phones)...  $20.25

Small Italian restaurant..... $9.25

I was so thrilled to grab all those quarters. What a great feeling!!

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When you get a spot like $46 in two weeks, it might be time to spring for an 18" rack stand from A&A and upgrade your spot to a nice, like-new or new 4-way with some gum/toys/candy, whatever you feel best about.  I would try gumballs, the two products you have there already, and a toy mix.  Maximize your revenue from your big time spots!  :)  You got a GREAT location here with the Denny's!

All you do is get the manager or whoever your contact is, tell them you are switching that machine there for a brand new one with more choices.  Chances are they will be thrilled since the staff is probably using it as much as the customers. ;)

Since it is corporate location, you want to maximize the revenue you earn while its there, you never know when the regional manager or VP may come in and say get out.

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