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First machines - Ultravend (might buy)


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Found 3 Ultravends locally on CL. Ad said $30.00. I know there all plastic, but I've seen an equal number of good and bad reviews. He had 3 of them. If I were to go look at them, what should I look for? Keys in check, coin mech, wheel, no cracks, etc. Anything else? These will be my first machines. Then I'm hittin up Kickstart and I'm off to the races. Thanks!

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Is that $10 each or $30 each.  A route I just bought has a few of these.  I REALLY don't like them.  I don't like to bash any equipment - BUT - they are difficult to service, the keys are a pain, and the chute doors break off easy.  Although at $10 each, it's a good way to get started, you can always swap them out later.

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