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Outside soda machine

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So this is the Full Line vending section.........Sorta big and wierd over here........

Anyways, the full line karma gods have been showing their ugly heads.  I have gotten appoached 2 or 3 times in the last week about "Do you have a snack machine? Do you have a soda machine?" 

Got one today that looks good.  They will need an outside can soda machine at a large (very large) used car lot.  What models should I look for?  What kind of security would this need? 

I asked "Why can?"  and the owner said, "I would like to buy a customer a soda while they wait, so I want low price point". 

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First you want to get a machine that is UL listed for outdoor use. Then you would want to be sure to get the machine in an area that has the most visibility and solid ground to put the machine on. Hopefully they will give you a space that they will not plow snow into the machine and will leave the customers and you access after a snow storm.

Vandalism will occur, there is really no way around that. For outdoor use, if you do business with Big Blue or Big Red, you could get a machine from them and let them have the liabilities. If you need to buy your own and you are only going to do cans I would suggest used. Used can machines are plentiful and can save you money in your initial investment.

A couple of things to keep in mind about outdoor cold weather vending.

The machine MUST be plugged in in order to keep product from freezing. The refrigeration system won't run but the circulating fan will help keep the product from freezing. There are secondary heaters that will help if the temps fall to low, but in MA this is usually not a problem.

Your validator may act up from time to time in real cold weather. The lube in motors, the belts getting stiff, and the elements beating at the opening will cause this.

You need to take extra care keeping the condensor clean. This will plug up easily and if not watch will make your machine run warm.

Double check the laws regarding GFCI's in outdoor use. Most places are requiring this now.

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Thanks, I looked online and many do state the UL uses.  Do you have a model # I could start with?  Noticed your in Mass, The account I was looking into is on the South Shore.  Drop me a PM if you have anything in stock.  I might even be willing to refer the account to someone, I'm pretty far away.



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