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USI Beverage Machine only accepts first Bill


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Hello All


I have an USI CB700 model 3051 Beverage Machine. It has a MAG32SA Bill  and an Coinco USQ-G702 quantum coin mech.


I have vend prices set from .75 to 5.00.


The problem is that the bill acceptor will take the first dollar and then requires coin it will refuse to take the second dollar.


Once a selection is made the machine will go into standby and accept the first dollar again.


most selections are 1.25 I set a 2.00 and 5.00 for troubleshooting. 


The CB700 controller is not the advanced controller that allows you to play with configurations.


Any ideas how to get it to accept more than one bill?


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Welcome to the forum.  Because you only have the basic menu the only thing to try is to make sure the machine knows how much change is in the coin mech.  You will need to turn the machine off, remove the mech and dump the change out of the tubes.  Reinstall the mech and turn the machine back on.  Go to the Tube Fill mode, TuFL, and begin dropping coins into the top of the mech.  You can add them in any order as the mech will verify them and count them into the machine's memory.  After the tubes are refilled this way you can close the door and see if that corrects the issue.  You might also need to buy some vends with coins only so that the tubes overflow into the coin box, verifying to the machine that the tubes are full.  It's dumb, I know, but this is how the machine thinks.

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