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Buying Vendstars on Ebay


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It seems that supposedly new vendstars are around 50 dollars, while used seem to be even lower. However on ebay, used ones go for 60-70 dollars even..

Where can I find some deals on vendstars.. anyone selling their vendstars? It seems that Ebay seems to be extremely expensive.

I've also tried craigslist, but nobody is selling them in my area.

Also, how do I get break room locations? Does the manager usually offer, "well, you can't place one out here, but you can place one in our break room"? I'm still looking to buy and place machines.

Thanks for the input.

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Yerda, be patient. The deals will pop up. Craigslist is usually the best as eBay often involves shipping and higher prices (as you've seen).

It might take 2-3mo...just check CL every day and you'll find something.

As for breakrooms, one easy way is to use a locator. I use Midwest and they have gotten us a bunch of breakrooms.


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Yerda, you might want to check the American Classified Ads cuircular in your area. If your area is like mine, Craiglist is useless because nobody ever sells any vending machines. I haven't seen an machine for a year now and I check every week. I got a real good deal for my first machines through American Classifieds.

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