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Rustinm's pull


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This is a 5 week pull, i only checked 9 machines because I didnt feel like driving around in a Michigan blizzard!

Flower shop- 6.25$

Auto shop- 20$


tanning salon-1.50

Promotions company- 2$

apartments- 1$

Cycle shop- .25$

Bike shop- 14.75$

Ford dealership- 21$

Snack machine at quicky lube- 18$

Obviously some locations need to be replaced, some do much better during the summer months, such as the apartment complexes. Because the pool is open and people are there all the time. The other part of my route usually does much better.

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heres another 5 week pull. 8 machines checked, 1 kickout because the owners bought and placed their machines.

The highest take was 33$ and the lowest was 9.25$. That makes my average per machine 21.65$ for the 5 weeks. total for the 8 machines was 173.25.

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Thanks T Bird, I do have about 5 locations that i skipped because they are poor performers so i dont need to service them every 5 weeks. And you do have to take into account that it was a 5 week pull not a month, so the averages would be a little lower had i checked them a week earlyer. Hey, how long did it take you to get 97 locations? I plan on increasing my route by at least 50 machines this year and I was wondering if that is a realistic number or not.

Thanks Johnny

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