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flat vending stickers suppliers


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I live in Japan . I'm looking for stickers in card folders.

Can anyone tell me where I can purchase stickers? I can only find American companies so that when freight  (almost 4 times the cost of the stickers)is added my profit becomes non-existant.

Does anyone know where I can get cheap stickers or of any suppliers in Asia or Japan?


Let me illustrate my situation. Companies here sell stickers for 100 yen. A box of 300 will get you a maximum of 30000 yen. If I order from the companies in the US the stickers and freight together will come to about 23000 yen, and that's before any tax/import duties and the shop owners cut.

Any help/advice please.

I should note I'm looking for stickers like sponge bob, pokemon, disney and the like.







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Morton, I would think that it would be tough to find things like that in Japan.  Are you wanting to do stickers because it is an untapped market in Japan?  If this is the case, you might have just found out why.  If this is not the case, try to find a vendor who is vending stickers and see if you can talk to them about their suppliers etc.

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