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Looking for vending machines that are already located


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Hello, business owners,

I have been looking at many kinds of businesses that can produce possitive passive income and vending machine business is one of them. My acquaintnce who does this business once told me that he found the machines that has already been located in places so that he could start the business and he could receive right away.

Because I saw him once and there is no way to contact him, I would like to ask you this question. Is it common that people find the machines which are already placed and receive income right away? If anybody who did it, please tell me how you can find it.

If the way mentioned above is not common way, I have another question. When I call vending machine distribution company, I found that most of them have lacation companies and they find the location for me. My question is, they all say that if I don't make profit from the locations, the location company will keep finding locations until I make profit. It sounds to me cash flow is guaranteed. I kind of doubt if there is a trick because if the income is guaranteed, everybody will do this business.

If anybody has experience, please tell me about it.

Thank you.


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