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Has anyone here ever heard about bulk vending in


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I think I have seen Pesos as an optional coin mech but I am not totally sure about it. It may be like our member from Ukraine. He does not have that great of candy selection there and he does not get much per vend compared to here.

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Mechanical bulk vending machines need a country with a currency that is stable, not too much inflation or the government changing the value of the currency. Many times this is not the case in Central and South America.

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This is taken directly from Beavers website.  It is question number 7 of their FAQs: Beaver machine has coin mechanisms for over 100 countries through out the world. By simply changing the "coin carrier", you can make the mechanism work for almost any coin. 


It looks like he is using the Beaver Triton.


I would be interested to hear if he has anything to say about the market, prices, inflation, etc.

señor Publidispensadores, ¿dónde estás?

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