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cool thing happened to me today


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today while working hard and looking like i was working hard at my full-time job i got a phone call.  The caller asked me how he could get one of my machines at his work.  It is a buzz bite that he wants.  He said my guys are always pounding the energy drinks, but complain about the cost and they like those, but we don't have any in our town so could you bring us a machine?  It doesn't cost me anything does it? he asked.  It was cool when I told him no cost and i would take care of the machine he was blown away.  Since he is pretty far away i told him i would be by about once a month to service and asked him if he would call me if it gets low or needs service.  He was pumped and after i set the phone down I was really pumped.  Fun when they come looking for you.  Just made my day.  sorry for rambling, but i figured you all would get it.

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i have been sick and unable to run my route and just talked with the location that called me and they have emptied the machine and need me to come refill it. So that will be a pretty good pull probably $70 for the 5 weeks. pretty cool stuff. I am waiting and hoping for another one of those phone calls.

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Nice buzz bite spot there!  ;)

It is great to get a new location with no work, its even better to get a new location that is a gravy spot!  Very cool to get a break every now and then.

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