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As a newbie to the vending world, I decided that I wouldn't jump into the biz without some sort of management software.  I've been using VendSoft since inception, and I have to say it's nicely designed, has some great reports, easy to use, and the support is awesome!

If you don't use VMS, or are unhappy with the system you have - you gotta give them a try!

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I use Vendsoft from the beginning too. I love the cloud base system and the possibility to create "trip" and have my guys use their smartphone to do their work.

Few comments:

- hard to have it sync with dex data

- app is pretty basic

- some issues with the full website when viewing on my iphone


Overall, i highly recommend this software to all small and medium size operations.

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  • 7 months later...

Hi Dylan. Thank you very much for your interest in VendSoft! I am not familiar in detail with ParLevel but I would say that both systems are similar. We can offer you to test VendSoft with a free trial account. You can enter just a couple of machines and compare both systems in parallel. 

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