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Any vendors experienced in Racks?


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I have always vended my machines on single or double heads.  I had one location which was a restaurant with a double head that did $40+ each month for 3 months so i inserted a rack and the sales where great but i had to keep name brand items such as sbob and dora otherwise the fun toy mix and cheaper stuff the sales dropped. I am thinking about changing all of my double heads to 4 head racks. Some locations i will put a rack of 4 all with food items and other racks with a 2" toy machine on top and 2 small machine on the bottem. Do you think by adding these racks my sales will increase more with the racks vrs the doubles?

Would my sales increase more with 4 head racks or the double heads?

Thanks Let me know what your opinion is

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I have tested this with much success. I started off in Blockbuster with 1 triple head machine and increased them to 4 single head machines on racks. Finally, I added one or two additional 2" capsule machines on stands along side them. Sales will more than double because the more variety you give customers the more they will buy. If they have change of a dollar, (4 quarters) and can only find one or two item they will only buy one or two item and walk out with .50 or .75c change in their pocket. If you go to 4 or more machines, your chances of them spending the 4 quarters in much better.

Right now I have .25/.50 & .75 in many stores. If you offer items that they can't resist, they will spend their dollar(s) in your machines.


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Excellent, and great criteria for upgrading to the 4-ways (as i call them).  The basic thing I do is to go with 2 kinds of gum and 2 kinds of toys, all .25 vends.  But if sales for gum in a spot stink, dont be afraid to try the 50 cent machine on top or all 4 selections different toys.

Any spot that does $40+ consistently with a double you should absolutely upgrade to the 4-way.  Just another way to attack when you are locating.  Getting new locations is important, but never forget the importance of getting permission to upgrade good locations to bigger equipment.

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