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Due to the temp being below zero and wind chill around-20.......I don't have much I am burning to do this morning! I figured I'd throw some numbers around and see how I'm doing. I have stumbled across another deal and have figured that taking this deal will bring my average cost per head down to just under 15 per head. I am pretty pleased with this and would like to know what others have been laying out for their own equipment. I have figured that by minimizing my cost, especially on my equipment, it will give me a good advantage when it comes to lasting in a difficult economic environment. For new accounts I am not filling the canisters completely full.....I will usually fill slightly over half. I am finding that it reduces my upfront costs significantly. For a triple I have around 45 in the machine and usually 30 to fill and set it out.  I'm just waiting for the deals where I can either maintain this cost or reduce it.  I sand and re-paint any equipment I get in that doesn't look up to standard.

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Kai, those numbers are just about what I am at too.  It sounds like we are about the same in our ideas, in that we grow slowely and are patient for the good deals. 

PS:  I feel your pain up here in Ohio.  We are at 5*F right now  brrrrrrrrr. 

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