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NFL License Required?


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I was talking to a sports bar today about putting in a sticker machine. I recently scored some San Diego Charger Tattoos and NFL team logo stickers. The guy sternly warned me that the NFL is very strict and could fine me for every sale I make :shock: unless I am licensed to sell NFL merchandise. Does anyone know what the deal is? Do I have to get some permission from the NFL to sell stickers of their teams? For crying out loud I bought the stickers I didn't make them. They already sold them to the wholesaler and got their money.

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Those licensing fees have already been paid! Maybe this guy had an illegal satellite hookup and was beaming in games he shouldn't and was worried that the football police would find him.

When I lived in the Miama area in the 1980's, the team often did not sell out their home games. Some bars were still showing the "blacked out" home games and were picking up the signal from the away team's local network. The football police were actually busting and fining many bar owners for their illegal hookups!


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I hate to be the one to pour cold water here, but the bar owner is probably technically right. The part about 'you needing to be licensed' is BS, but the facts are,  most of the time there are separate licenses for vending or retail or other avenues. Sometimes things are just licensed to be sold anywhere but I'm pretty sure the NFL is one of the entities that makes a distinction for vending machines.

That being said, your odds are getting caught are slim to none and if you do get caught you will just get a cease and desist letter (and at this point I would strongly recommend ceasingand desisting, whatever the golpher desisting is).

I have acquired  similar products before and let's just say my advice to you is give it a shot :)

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